Blue Moon Mountain Mushrooms

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   Currently we have been cultivating the Blue Oyster Mushroom and Shiitake Mushroom with great success.  We do NOT use any pesticides or growth additives in our cultivation and growing process.

Blue Oyster Mushroom : This particular mushroom has a mild flavor with a meaty texture.  These two characters make it great as an add-in for pasta dishes or sauteed to top your favorite grilled meats.  The Blue Oyster is also known by world  renown chefs for being a favorite addition to seafood dishes.

Shiitake Mushroom :  Our Shiitake Mushrooms have been cultivated to produce large meaty caps rich in umami flavor. The versatility of this mushroom is astounding.  The flavor and texture have pushed this mushroom into western kitchens by adding to chicken and steak dishes, risotto and duxelle sauce. Eastern cultures have recognized this mushroom as highly medicinal.  Vegetarian and Vegan comrades find this flavor and texture a preferred meal option.

The "Other" Shiitake :  Our "Other" Shiitake Mushrooms..... yes we have two different strains of Shiitake and yes there are notable differences.  Our "Other" Shiitake Mushroom strain produces a slightly smaller cap with a much smaller stem.